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Final decision - we're going back home...

27/06/2020 Only 64 days until we have to get back to work. We have to organise our flight back but that's for tomorrow, first we enjoy a bit of teaching/sailing with our Dinghy Go.  One more try to catch a mudcrab for lunch ... But there's nothing that likes our leftovers. They're used to being fed real meat here, no fish scraps! 😂 After a wonderful lunch with fresh Tempura and sushi leftovers on Arion , we observe Lieven and Griet on their pleasure crafts and rescue one of them just before the night falls 😎 28/06/2020 The race is on! We're going back to Airlie to stock up on food and prepare our sail back to Brisbane. We'll leave LouiseAnna there while flying back to Belgium. Only happy faces while we sail out of the bay, as we are accompanied by dolphins 😍 We're anchoring in front of Cannonvale (next to Airlie beach) to try and arrange the move of boxes into a container from the public pontoon. But that's not going to happen. We'll have to wait to

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